Turnkey projects, from the design to the installation and commissioning, small hydropower solutions, energy systems from solar sources, aftersales and maintenance services on all our installations.


  • Hydraulic turbines and hydropower plants designed and constructed in Europe and installed on site
  • Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Archimedean Screws
  • output range: 20 kW to 5 MW
  • run of river configuration
  • hydropower plants on drinking water supply system
  • turn-key projects
  • water to wire projects
  • project engineering
  • Standard installations for small hydropower plants
  • off-grid hydropower plants


  • Design, construction and installation of PVS systems, electrical systems and switchboards
  • Domotics
  • Automation for industrial processes
  • Systems for the production, conversion and distribution of electric energy
  • Hardware and software for industrial control
  • Heating, air conditioning and air treatment systems
  • Installations destined to public services
  • Maintenance and improvement of systems and electric facilities


When the power to be produced is not so high or the features of the site limit the installation potential, we can design and construct small power hydropower plants, from 15 to 100 kW. They are usually standard solutions that allow a reduction of costs and a high adaptability to various technical features, off-grid hydropower plants and destined to local use or to distribution within short distance.


In partnership with a well experienced and rooted multi-utility company, we can offer management and consulting services to promote or implement small and large projects in renewable energy and green technologies.