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All the activities of our company focus on the reduction of environmental impact, both as goes for the internal industrial process as well as the final products, which address the public and the private sector, from Municipalities to home installations. We therefore supply systems for energy production from solar sources and from small hydropower plants, that can also be off grid to reach most households even if the network is not complete.

Renewable energy is fast: once the concession has been granted, the plant or the installation can be designed, constructed and installed in a few months. In case of investment, economic return is quick but most of all, the actual energy production is.

This peculiar historical moment sees a high need for energy production as well as the necessity to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment is to supply sustainable and clean energy, to contribute to the reduction of pollution.

The main suppliers of Tamanini Hydro South Africa are based in Europe, and we can also count on reliable local partners that allow us to reach not only the whole country, but also other African areas.

We cooperate with engineers based in Italy and in South Africa. This way we can follow the project even from the first steps with onsite inspections and feasibility projects. We are able to offer turnkey projects, from the design to the installation and commissioning, small hydropower solutions, energy systems from solar sources, aftersales and maintenance services on all our installations. Our presence in South Africa allows us to reach easily all sub-Saharan countries.


Tamanini Hydro South Africa Ltd was founded by two well rooted companies. Tamanini Hydro Srl was founded in Italy over 100 years ago and for 60 years has been working in the field of hydropower. It has installed more than 250 hydropower plants up to date, mostly in Italy and in the rest of Europe. We can count on the engineering expertise and of their product knowledge to carry out our projects in Africa. Turbines and equipment are totally designed and constructed in the Italian premises, and all the materials are bought locally in order to ensure the highest quality. 

Mouldcor was built over 35 years ago in Johannesburg, it has excellent expertise in trade and a well integrated group of specialists trained to deliver high standard work. Always seeking new business challenges, all its projects reach high quality and standard. It can offer a complete product and service solution in the field of construction, management, civil engineering and works and property development operations.




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